How to get rid of stretch marks

How to get rid of stretch marks

Stretch marks can appear almost in all areas and zones of the body from thighs, tummy, breasts and arms to lower areas of the back. This phenomenon in most cases is not a medical but an aesthetic problem. However in some cases it can be a sign of a sickness and it’s better to consult a doctor who can advise best stretch mark removal treatment.

Newly appeared, these lines are usually different in color from the rest skin - red or purple – and are clearly visible. Later they begin fading until reaching white-silver color. And yet they stay noticeable.

So it’s useful to know what causes stretch marks to find out the best way for their treatment. The fact is that not everybodysusceptible to the appearance of stretch marks. Having or not having them depends on your skin type.

What are stretch marks

These marks are long  lines on the skin surface which are visible due to differenttone in comparison with the surrounding skin.They show up as a result of quick stretching of the skin. The problem is extremely common though more women than men suffer from it. The most usual reason for them is pregnancy.

The desire to remove stretch marks is absolutely natural and right. They spoil the skin look and make you older. People who have more collagen (a protein in our skin) are less inclined to getting this problem.

The problem can occur as parallel lines on the body and often appear "scar-like".Stretch marks prevention is almost impossible in most cases. It’s very hard to prepare beforehand to this.  Though there are ways to take care about yourself, which help. Watch your healthy weight to reduce the risk of having stretches.

Some essential characteristics of the phenomenon are the following.

  • Both men and womencan experience it.
  • In teenage about 60% of girls and 30% of boys get stretch marks.
  • During pregnancy most women face this problem.
  • Rapid weight gain almost always is paired with stretches.
  • Some medical conditions and taking certain medications can cause marks on skin surface.
  • Abdomen, flank, hips, breasts, buttocks and thighs are most usual parts of the body to suffer.

What causesstretch marks

Medical workers name stretch mark “stria”, “striae” or – related to pregnancy – “striaegravidarum”. Most women are worried about how to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy.

And it’s possible but requires preparation. If you are not aware about the reasons that could have caused your stretch marks you can order blood and other necessary medical tests.

One of the most common reasons of this problems is fast gaining weight. It’s not recommended dieting that results in getting and losing weight. In this case your skin stretches and then shrinks for many times what worsen the situation.

Remember that if it’s necessary to lose weight, you should do it slowly. Follow healthy balanced diets combining them with physical exercises. It helps reduce the risk of havingstretch marks. Normally you can lose about 0.5kg a week.

Another reason is pregnancy. These types of marks appear due to hormonal changes. During pregnancy a woman puts on quite a lot of weight in short period of time. But it’s not true that you should “eat for two”. You need to eat normally just watching you get enough healthy nutrients. It’s important to eat a variety of food every day so that a baby could get necessary amount of nutrients for its development. Eat more whole-wheat carbohydrates (bread, pasta, fruit and vegetables).

So, main causes of stretch marks:

  • pregnancy time;
  • prolonged use of corticosteroid medication;
  • extragained kilos;
  • growth spurts during puberty;
  • family history (hereditary factor).

Types of stretch marks

There are 3 layers of our skin: the outer (epidermis), middle (dermis) and deepest (hypodermis). Stretches are formed in the dermis when the connective tissue is "stretched" too much because of the rapid expansion. It starts to tear and deeper layers of skin begin to be shown through. The result is visible red or purple lines on the skin surface.

Stretch marks on legs, buttons, bellies and other pasts can be of different severity. To treat them rightly you should determine their type.

There some different types of the problem:

  1. Distensionor Albicant lines. They appear as a result of pregnancy and when obese people lose their weight too fast. The most common places for them are chest area and abdomen.
  2. Dark Red Purple lines. The reason for their showing up isconstantconsumption of pharmaceutical corticoids.
  3. Muscle Growth marks. As a rule, they appear in the process of body-building and are seen on biceps, triceps and shoulder muscles. The intake of steroids enhances the effect.
  4. Puberty Stretch marks. These lines appear as a result of a growth spurt typical for this age. Their usual location is a person’s back, extremities, hips and breasts.

Ways to get rid of stretch marks

There are a lot of remedies for stretch mark treatment. They are manufactured in the form of creams, gels, lotions and others. Laser surgery and cosmetic surgery are also used to treat it.

The problem can be treated with the help of natural products. But you should be realistic. Indeed, none of them absolutely proved its effectiveness. Vitamin E for stretch marks is often said to work miracles. Don’t wait too much but indeed it gives certain results. Add a bit of oil in your regular moisturizer to enhance its effectiveness.

Moisturizing skin can help to relieve the itchiness of stretch marks. Using self-tanning lotion gives just temporary effect of hiding the stretches.

How to treat stretch marks for faster results? Laser therapy is effective in curing stretches but it can be risky. Medical treatment of the problem can consist of the following remedies and methods of therapy.

Tretinoin cream restores collagen which gives your skin elasticity. It’s advised to use it on red or pink marks which just appeared. Besides, pulsed dye laser therapy fastens the growth of elastin. Similar stretch mark treatment is fractional photothermolysis which cause less skin damage because it targets smaller skin areas. Today a great popularity has required “Revitol Stretch Mark Cream” which is one of the most effective of similar products.

For those people who have dark skin it’s possible to try discoloration.Microdermabrasion is polishing the skin surface to reveal new skin cells. This procedure is effective against older stretches.

It’s impossible to remove stretch marks fast. This process requires patience. The only exception is plastic surgery.

Usage of oils, balms, creams and lotions can fade the stretch marks over a certain period of time. They reduce dryness and unpleasant itching.For better results, application of vitamin E oil or aloe vera gel can be effective.

The best treatment of stretch marks

It’s possible to find the remedy that will suit you needs. It can be your best stretch mark cream.

Moisturize your skin daily. The studies showed that regular usage of creams significantly improves skin appearance and its elasticity. It’s most effective to start using lotions on new scars. Stretch mark removal creams are also very helpful. If you know that in future can have stretches, you can start using the cream beforehand to prevent the problem.  Using creams on old marks can also increase their appearance but it’ll take more time to see the results.

Retinoic acid creams are extremely helpful remedy for stretch marks. Used on fresh stretches it gives huge improvements. Retinoic acid effectively boosts collagen production and helps skin avoid tears. Don’t use the remedy while pregnancy or nursing period to avoid any risks.

Take more vitamin (especially C) to stimulate the immune system. Improve your diet to get more healthy nutrients. If your skin has the proper nutrition, it can repair much quicker. Natural supplements can be useful here too.

Remember that the best way to get rid of stretch marks is using cosmetics together with improving diet and regular working out in the gym. Try to drink more water to moisturize all the tissues for their better elasticity.

You should know that cacao butter hasn’t proven its effectiveness in reducing stretch marks. Before and after comparisons showed that there was no any difference between states of skin. So don’t waste your time trying this remedy trusting Internet reviews.

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