How to remove unwanted hair

How to remove unwanted hair

Hairy body today is considered to be a sign of negligence. There are different areas which can have unwanted hair and it doesn’t matter what of them bother you, there are certain methods to get rid of them.

Do you know what body hair removals are appropriate for each problematic zone? If not, skip the following tips to get rid of hair without any damage to your appearance and health.

Indeed hair removal for women is a must-have product or a special way that helps look good all the time. All the possible remedies have their pros and cons so you’ll have to decide which of them are suitable for you.

What is unwanted hair

Hairs that grows in the areas you don’t want to have them are irritating. They can affect the perfect look of a person. If you have hair on your face, arms, back or other areas where you don’t want to have it, it’s called a cosmetic problem. Especially this situation is problematic for women. And they need really working ways to remove hair.

The good point is that hair can be quite easily removed. And nowadays there are a lot of really good remedies which help do it fast. There are several methods to do it and you can choose. Some of them are easy and some require time and patience. You can tweeze,  wax, shave or remove hair with the help of a depilatory cream.

Affected areas:

  • face (upper lip, chin, cheeks),
  • hands and arms,
  • fingers and toes,
  • legs,
  • bikini area,
  • back.

As there are some different parts of the body which are inclined to the problem, so there are various ways to solve it. And of course you should use specially designed cosmetic products for each problematic area. For example, facial hair removal is not suitable for legs, and of course, you will not try to apply leg cream to your face. It can be at least ineffective and even dangerous.

What causes unwanted hair

There are different causes of hair growth in the areas they shouldn’t appear. It some cases it occurs due to hormonal imbalance in the body. A lot of women suffer from irregular menstrual cycle and it affects their appearance. Use of certain medications can also affect or the problem can show up due to pregnancy.

Main reasons:

  1. genetics,
  2. high levels of some hormones,
  3. taking medications (steroids),
  4. polycystic ovarian syndrome.

What is the best hair removal? They are different for certain problems. Just some remedies are considered to be versatile. As a rule, these are creams and gels which are suitable for external application.

A good way to get rid of hair is using mixtures of natural ingredients. For example, you can try the following home remedies.

  • Sugar Lemon Mix. It’s good for facial hair removal.
  • Sugar, Honey and Lemon Mixture. This remedy is suitable for hair on legs and arms.
  • Lentil and Potatoes paste. You can use it both for facial area and other parts of body.
  • Egg facial mask. The mixture is applied on face for 8-12 minutes.
  • Banana and Oatmeal Scrub.
  • Turmeric and others.

The ingredients are mixed together and due to qualities of natural products they make required effect. You should realize that home remedies are less powerful than, for example, laser hair removal or even special creams. But at the same time natural remedies give visible results and are absolutely safe. They have no side effects and don’t require time for recovery after procedures. They are affordable and are easy to do at home what saves your time required for visiting salons.

Types of hair removals

Now a lot of latest techniques (waxing, laser procedures, electrolysis) are available, but they are very costly. Not everybody can afford it or simple wants to spend money on such cosmetic needs. Especially if to take into account that you should repeat procedures regularly. Hair removal creams are also very effective though they are not so expensive.

What about natural home remedies they give effect too. As they are made from natural products they have no side effects. And of course they are cheap in comparison with service of beauty clinics. These remedies are very easy to follow and they even don’t require too much time.

The most reasonable way to solve the problem is to use special cosmetic remedies. They are not extremely expensive and are easy in usage. For example, “Revitol Hair Removal Cream’ showed good results. It’s widely used today and is popular for many purposes. It’s pricier than most products of this series but also much more effective.

Some salons offer such a procedure as Indian threading. With the help of strings they twist in and pull unwanted hair out. It’s a good way for upper lip hair removal and other facial hair.

On the other hand, there are stronger methods connected with taking medications that inhibit hair growth. But if you want to try some of them,  you need to have your doctor’s consultation at first.

Ways to get rid of unwanted hair

There are several methods to remove the hair which differ from one another in the way of elimination. A lot of hair removal products are designed to make the procedure quicker and less painful. Depending on the area and level of hair it could require combining some of different methods.

  1. waxing,
  2. tweezing,
  3. shaving,
  4. depilatory creams.

Before the procedure of removing the hair you need to prepare the skin for the procedure.

Shaving is the simplest way to get rid of hair. This method works on all body parts except face for women. The main drawback of this method is a possibility to have ingrown hairs if future. The highest risk for this is pubic region where the skin is very gentle and soft.

Permanent hair removal works with the help of laser. It’s the most long-lasting procedures. Highly concentrated light beams into hair follicles which fully absorb it. It causes destroying the hair. The best advantage of laser procedure is that it solves the problem permanently on any area of the body. After laser treatment you need to have a recovery period. There some possible laser hair removal side effects among which are redness, swelling, and temporary scarring.

Plucking is a common way to delete facial hair. The method is painful and is good in case you’ve got only a few hairs you need to remove. Usually plucking is used to reshape eyebrows or pull out a few stray hairs on face.

Depilatory creams main action mechanism is based on the chemicals dissolving of the hair shaft. Don’t leave such creams for too long on the skin because they cause burning.  Watch out if you are allergic and use the creams with your dermatologist’s approval.

Wax hair removals are used both at home and in salons. Usually this method is effective to remove hair on upper lip and bikini area. It can be painful and sometimes leaves some hairs undeleted. You should be very careful while doing the procedure not to bring infection.

The most effective way to get rid of unwanted hair

The best way to deal with unwanted hair is using special cosmetic products designed for treating certain body areas. Start with “Revitol Hair Removal Cream” which has proved its effectiveness. This product is considered to be a good alternative to laser hair removal. It’s much cheaper and not painful at all. It’s ranked today as one of the best hair removers.

The cream can be used on any areas of the body and giver really quick results. It’s made up of natural ingredients and even able to hydrate the skin. So the usage of it is very beneficial.

Cosmetic products cannot illuminate hair forever but they cause a slower regrowth. If you are not satisfied with results of natural remedies you can always try laser hair removal.

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