How to reduce breast?

How to reduce breast

Big breast: it is an advantage or a drawback? If several decades ago the only thing that mattered was a woman’s ability to breastfeed their babies, today boobs play mostly aesthetic and sexual role. That is why modern ladies pay attention to its size, wishing it to be moderately big, but not causing too much discomfort. What if Mother Nature gave you more than you can bear? Boob reduction is the only way out.

What is big breast problem?

Sometimes women with small bust don’t understand those who have C+ or D cups: «Why do you need big breast reduction, if it looks great and most men like it?» But those who faced this problem actually know how much inconvenience a huge bust causes in everyday life, for instance:

  1. High load on spine causes pains that may become chronic, postural abnormalities, fast degenerative disc disease and joint damage.
  2. Fast fatigue and headaches.
  3. If underwear is chosen incorrectly, mammary glands may ache and skin may be deformed, which tends to cause some diseases (breast cancer and others).
  4. Appearance of intertrigos under huge mammary glands, skin sensitiveness and red spots.
  5. Bra straps may graze skin, resulting into redness, itching, aching and wounds.

Add to that emotional distress experienced by such a woman, and everyday issues arising during gym attendance, clothes selection and simply walking, and you will realize why they seek for natural breast reduction methods.

And if the trouble is covered by aesthetic and comfort issues only, a woman may be considered to be relatively lucky: in some cases, breast decrease is an inevitable and necessary procedure to avoid cancer development, cyst encapsulation growth and prevent other dangerous, even lethal diseases. No matter what the reasons of the problem are, if you would like to treat it, modern medicine will always provide you with different ways to reduce breast size naturally or by surgery.

 What causes big breast problem?

Surprisingly, modern scientists have proved that the size of feminine breast grows with the time. Today, more and more ladies suffer from overgrowing boobs, and there are many reasons for that:

  • precocious puberty that may result into excessive or never-ending extension of mammary glands;
  • hormonal abnormality (estrogen misbalance);
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • inherited predisposition;
  • using of oral contraceptives or medicine containing hormones;
  • metabolism disorder;
  • excessive weight.

Interesting to note that all these factors are interconnected. If a woman faces a lot of stress, or has some neurological or endocrine  disorders, that will affect hormone levels, too. Extra weight is also a crucial aspect that causes big breast problem: if you are stout, you need to lose breast fat for it to become much less.

Types of big breast problem

According to the reasons causing it, the problem may be of hormonal or extra weight character. A woman may experience estrogen lack or, as in our case, exuberance, which conditions boob growth.

The reasons for that may be different: pregnancy that makes mammary glands produce milk and become one, two, or even three sizes bigger. Bust may start developing in puberty age and continue growing up to 25-30 years, e.g. the process won’t stop. A lot of women who take birth pills complain about considerable breast enhancement. Another reason is hormonal unbalance because of stress and depression.

In all these cases a woman can try to reduce breast size naturally, e.g. by regaining the balance of estrogen and other hormones in her body.

One more type is big breast problem because of genetic predisposition. If your mother and grandmother have a big bust, you are likely to inherit it. Most probably, breast reduction without surgery is impossible for you, because the body will maintain hormone balance so that the boobs to stay as they are.

The problem may also be caused by extra weight, which is the simplest case. All you need to do is get rid of the kilograms that spoil your shape and collect in the zone of breast.

All that, of course, may result into another type of problem – psychological. You may not suspect, but women with too big boobs also experience discomfort and may even be ashamed of their forms.

Ways to get rid of big breast problem

Are you one of those women who want to reduce boobs? Luckily, modern medicine offers a lot of solutions and methods. The choice must depend on the root of the problem.

If it is caused by overweight

If you suffer from extra pounds in your body, your boobs may be one-two sizes bigger than they are supposed to be. You don’t have to resolve to drastic measures like liposuction, hormonal therapy or surgery: stick up to a diet, improve your metabolic rate, get enough sleep and, of course, exercise to reduce breast size. Your workout program may include the following:

  • push-ups;
  • bench pressing;
  • standing lateral raise;
  • Pec deck butterfly;
  • Cardio exercises (swimming or cycling, avoid jogging).

To boost metabolism, add ginger in tea or some dishes, and try guarana (Brazilian cocoa) that contains a lot of caffeine and triggers weight loss.

In case of genetic presupposition

You have inherited a big breast? Bad news: the size is not likely to be corrected by affecting hormones. Good news: the problem may be solved once and forever. Many women with naturally huge bust ask doctors: can breast size be reduced without surgical invasion? The thing is that if you have big boobs, but your hormone balance is okay, disturbing it would be unreasonable and inappropriate. Most doctors recommend laser breast surgery, because it is one of the safest and most reliable methods.

Besides, if you have one boob smaller than another, or they have different shapes, one side or bilateral breast reduction will help to make them symmetric.

Treating hormonal unbalance

The most widespread reason for big boobs problem is hormonal disorder caused by this or that aspect. In this case, natural methods to reduce breast size are usually enough to solve the issue.

First of all, you will have to visit doctor and pass medical tests to define the level of hormones in your body. Depending on the results, you will get a prescription for this or that kind of treatment. Usually, women have to take hormonal pills and in some cases a breast reduction cream is advised to boost the effect.

This type of treatment takes time, but it is a less serious measure that allows avoiding surgery. Taking pills and applying creams, you will gradually lose fat, and mammary glands are likely to reduce in sizes.

Plus, to keep estrogen under control, you should avoid stresses, tension and bad mood. Mind that women suffering from neurological disorders are more likely to experience hormonal disorders. Thus, regardless of the root of your problem, you will need to stay calm and try to avoid stressful situations.

If you are a pregnant or breast-feeding woman, all left to do is wait until you go through this hard period. Your baby needs nutrition, but as soon as it grows up, you will be able to restore your former bust. Some say, it even gets smaller when the milk is not produced anymore.

The best treatment of big breast problem

Big breast reduction can be safe and trouble-free, if you know which remedies are the most suitable for you. Modern medicine offers a lot of hormonal pills, but there is an alternative solution. Have you ever heard about breast reduction cream? It sounds nonsense, but it actually works.

Containing natural ingredients that improve skin and affect estrogen level, helping to balance it, cream helps to correct bust shape and size, working the following way:

  1. Being absorbed into skin, it makes mammary glands produce and keep up the normal level of hormones.
  2. Triggers fat burning in chest zone.
  3. Moisturizes skin, making it more elastic and firm, which improves shape of tits.

This is an available, safe and 100% natural breast reduction method that is suitable practically for every woman!

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