Muscle Growth Supplements: How Do They Help in Mass Building?

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Pre Workout Supplements
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It has been always said that a healthy diet and a bit of exercise can help you to get back in shape. Whether you want to put on some pounds or shed a few kilos, proper nutrition and workout can give you the desired result. Exercise alone can’t help you to build muscles and strength. You need to ensure that your diet is enriched with the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, and other nutrients.

When you start building your body for a sport, every muscle needs to be chiseled to give you an aesthetic appeal. This is when the supplements for muscle growth come in handy! If you’re confused about what to buy and what to avoid, this guide is there to help you out.

Bodybuilding supplements - What are they?

Bodybuilding supplements are designed for sportspersons, athletes, physical trainers, and other muscle-crazy freaks with demanding lifestyles. The purpose of these build muscle supplements is to suffice the nutrients required to give you a good built. Plus, these nutritionally loaded supplements have several benefits like:

  • To build mass for competitive competitions that require an excessive amount of protein that is not viable through regular diets.
  • To repair muscle tearing constantly that needs a greater amount of regenerative food and amino acids present only in the supplements.

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What should men buy?

Only knowing the types of supplements found in the market will not fulfill your purpose. As you are aiming to build strength and muscles, you need to improve your performance. You need to understand the work of these power-packed building muscle fast supplements and which can fit your bill. Here’re a few:

  • Creatine monohydrate - Creatine is present in the muscles. It’s a chemical that gives the needed energy to your body during an intensive workout. This is especially when you are weightlifting, your body needs creatine monohydrate to make your energy and endurance reach the peak. Taking creatine supplements, phosphocreatine and creatine also boost up the recovery process. When you use supplements for a long-time, it not only enhances overall performance but also increases resistance.
  • BCAAs (Branched-chain amino acids) - This comprises 3 key amino acids- valine, leucine, and isoleucine, crucial for mass build and strength. These are available in meat, eggs, and fish, but most people prefer taking them in the form of shakes and powders. By far, this is the best supplement that can relieve damage and soreness post-workout.
  • Weight gainers - These are particularly meant for those individuals who are struggling to put on a few kilos. People with high metabolism find it very difficult to gain weight despite eating large portions of the meal. This is where weight gainers act as a miracle by providing such people with more calories and proteins. However, the calorie content varies like, one serving can offer you 1000 calories, making it the best supplement for muscle growth for pre and post-training sessions.
  • Whey protein - If you need something to get digested quickly, you need to try out whey protein. After a heavy workout session, it is ideal to have a whey protein shake to get you back on track. Whey is found in milk, but you can find an array of whey-rich supplements in the stores. If you’re unsure which one to buy- go for the ones packed with digestive enzymes. For people who train daily, consume this after an hour of the training.
  • Glutamine - This is yet another amino acid that assists your body in dealing with stress and exhaustion. Additionally, it gets rid of the ammonia collected in your body after severe exercise. Ideally, one should consume at least 20-30 gm of glutamine.

If you desire to have a sculpted body like a Greek god, exercise is just not enough. These supplements will help to get the body that you want. Are you tempted to buy one? Check out our top 10 product list!

Protein for Muscle Growth.

What women should try?

There’s more a woman needs rather than losing excess fat- she wants to have an attractive physique that can flaunt and be proud of. To accelerate the process, you need supplements. Honestly, women’s bodies won’t respond the exact way the men’s bodies respond to protein shakes. But it will make you stronger, firmer, toned, and yes, build mass right where you need it. Here’re a few that you can give a try besides whey protein, creatine, and BCAAs.

  • Arginine - People takes arginine because this builds nitric oxide, which in turn, expands blood vessel. Wider blood vessels mean a boost in blood circulation, which results in more nutrients, oxygen, and fluid traveling to your muscle tissues. In short, it pumps up the muscles that men love to flaunt on the mirrors. But, this pump is temporary. When women take it, it gives them extra energy during the workout sessions and helps them to achieve their physique goals. Why don’t you check the best supplements in our top 10 product list?
  • Beta-alanine - Just like arginine produces nitric oxide, beta-alanine makes carnosine, which does all tricks. From gaining muscle mass to increasing your strength and endurance, carnosine is so impactful that it can add lean muscles even if you don’t exercise. Obviously, women too get benefitted from all these. In taking beta-alanine along with creatine, you can shed more body fat than taking only creatine alone.
  • Caffeine - Caffeine is indeed the world’s most popular drug that comes with a lot of perks. It improves focus, increases muscle strength, and gives you energy during a high-intensity workout. If taken with green tea extracts, you will get quicker and better results. Caffeine burns fats while green tea enhances the metabolic rate, which will both support you in the fitness journey. Take 200-400 mg of caffeine twice or thrice each day.
  • Fish oil - Fish oil consists of two important omega-3 fatty acids, docosahexaenoic acid, and eicosapentaenoic acid. It triggers genes that promote fat burning. Take 2g of fish oil muscle growth pills during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Go through the review section to know more!
  • Casein protein - Casein is slow to digest which means that it can provide your body with amino for many hours. This is ideal when you are supposed to hit the bed because your body will be without food for 7 or 8 hours. Studies have shown that people who took casein in the night gained more mass than those who took it in the morning. You can also combine casein and whey and make the best protein for muscle growth post-workout.
  • Calcium - Definitely, this is an essential mineral that is linked to women’s bone health. But many don’t know that it is also associated with muscle contractions. Without the right amount of calcium in the body, muscles won’t contract. Along with building bone strength, it will give you optimal energy to do the exercises.
  • Vitamin C and D - Vitamins for muscle growth have ample benefits. While vitamin D provides immense muscle strength, vitamin C supports the immune system. The former is also associated with stirring genes that increase muscle growth. The latter is a powerhouse of antioxidants that involves creating collagen and amino acids and destroying free radicals.

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Muscle Growth Supplements.

Pre vs. post-workout supplements - What’s the difference?

Pre and post-training supplements have respective perks. The pre-workout protein shakes act like an energy booster giving your optimal energy and endurance so that you can exercise for longer hours. Meanwhile, the post-workout supplements are meant for mass building and recovery. Casein protein, glutamine, and BCAAs are taken after the training sessions.

They recover the sore muscles and give them the strength to perform exercises the next day. You won’t feel the ache to work with weights and do strenuous activities. When you train for longer hours, your muscles go through wear and tear. So, when you take supplements for muscle gain and strength you don’t have to worry about your performance the following day. If you’re looking forward to adding more mass, nothing can beat the result that you will get via whey protein.

In the case of pre-workout, these supplements are designed to give you a splurge of energy right before you hit the gym. You can take caffeine, creatine, beta-alanine, and BCAA’s. Caffeine can instantly boost up your mood, give you energy and naturally enhance your physical performance. Creatine is also a storehouse of energy that helps in muscle growth. BCAA’s are amino acids that help in gaining mass in addition to burning fat.

Pre-workout energy shakes prevent depletion of muscle glycogen. Take it 30 minutes before entering the gym can will the utmost result. Your body gets time to digest all the ingredients and utilize them during your workout. Like any other nutritional-loaded boosters, these pre-workout supplements give you an accelerated push to get through the training sessions. There’re days when you feel sluggish and don’t want to visit the gym. These pre-workout drinks act like an extra pickup.

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Should you buy fast muscle growth supplements?

Weight training supplements are booming in the market because everyone is trying to achieve fit bodies and get back in shape. In short, these energy boosters and protein shake keep you on your toes and enhance your overall performance. Whether you want to flaunt killer abs or curved shoulders, you need to follow an exercise program religiously. And, these supplements aid you to achieve your desired fitness goal.

Are you still confused about which supplement to choose? Speak to a trainer, consult a nutritionist and do all your homework before moving ahead in the fitness game. Make sure to go through our review section to clear your doubts regarding the same.


Supplements for muscle growth helps only when you have laid the foundation of having a healthy life with good eating habits. For a workout success, a nutritious diet, sleep, and safe exercises are a must. Supplements will help you to achieve the result faster by keeping you high on energy, alleviating muscle soreness, and taking away the lethargic attitude.

It’s not easy to bulk up naturally because you need a lot of proteins and amino acids in great quantities that aren’t available through a normal diet. Professional athletes, bodybuilders, trainers, fitness freaks, and other gym enthusiasts always look for the extra mile to make their bodies look aesthetically beautiful.

No matter what fitness program you follow, always get trained by an expert. If you’re looking forward to purchasing natural supplements for muscle growth, check out our featured product list. Also, go through the reviews to make a wiser decision during purchase.

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