How to Minimize Pores

How to Minimize Pores

Without out pores, it would be impossible for the skin to breath, sweat and get the necessary nourishment. But sometimes they get bigger, spoiling the entire image and drawing the attention from your best face parts. You can do nothing about the fact you have them, but you can try to make pores smaller by using the appropriate treatment. Here is a list of questions and answers concerning everything you need to know about pore minimizing.

What are enlarged pores

If you look closely at your face and other body parts, you will see that there are small holes in the skin. Usually, pores are almost invisible for an eye, but when they are enlarged, you may see them clearly without microscope. They start looking like dots on the skin, and are more prone to gathering fat and dirt, which turns them into black spots which are far more visible.

Large pores is not a disease, and not a symptom either. It is rather a minor imperfection that irritates many women, and they just want to get rid of it because of how it looks.  As a rule, it is conditioned by pore clogging, e.g. accumulation of oil and dirt under the skin. Sometimes, this is just a peculiarity that is a part of one’s heredity.

Interesting to note that enlarged pores are equally typical of both men and women, but ladies are just worried more about their appearance, seeking ways to eliminate every imperfection.

Sometimes people suffer from open pores only after puberty, and later on they shrink themselves. But in most cases this problem lasts for the entire life, because it is just one’s anatomic peculiarity. Nobody knows for sure what shrinks pores in this case, but fact is fact: in the majority of cases the symptom won’t disappear out of a sudden.

Some dermatologists say that you can’t make pores physically smaller, so you have to accept what you have. But you still can make their appearance less noticeable. No matter what the reasons are, you can reduce pores, because modern remedies and methods are capable of doing wonders with your health and skin.

What causes pore enlargement

As it has been mentioned above, the size of pores is conditioned by heredity to the most extend. But there are some other factors, too. What causes large pores is improper skin treatment. When the pores get clogged with dirt, oil, sweat and fat, they grow in sizes and start being visible. It may result into black spots, blisters and even skin infection, which brings even more problems with the skin.

If you don’t wash your face at least twice a day, and after working out or walking outside for a long time, it gathers dust and dirt. Mixing with the natural skin oil, it gets into pores easily.

Another cause of blocked pores is cosmetics. If you apply a lot of powder, toner and BB-cream, and keep it for a long time, it is also absorbed by the skin and prevents its healthy breathing. Plus, if you spend the whole day on the sun, or work out with your make up on, or even sleep without removing it, all that affects skin considerably.

If you live in a big city, your skin is exposed to different impurities contained in the air: car and industrial fumes, cigarette smoke, etc.  Usually, water is of poor quality, and people don’t spend enough time on the open air. All these are the reasons for skin deterioration. Probably, you don’t even notice that, but the skin is constantly exposed to various hostile environment conditions in the places with bad ecology.

You like sweets, snacks and fatty foods? Don’t be surprised then that your skin is oily, and the pores are full of fat. All you consume is reflected on your face, and unhealthy eating is one of primary causes of open pores on nose and cheeks.

Thus, it is mostly our fault that the skin looks bad-treated, and the pores won’t shrink.

Types of pore enlargement

As a rule, this skin condition is not divided by dermatologists into any sub-types, but it is interesting to note that large pores differ on different skin types.

  1. If you have oily, fatty skin, most often it means that pores get quickly clogged up by your natural oil. In this case, large pores treatment must comprise mostly right and up-to-date cleaning, masks, cosmetology procedures and, of course, the right diet (cut down on fatty and sweet foods).
  2. If you have dry, combined or normal skin, but the pores are large, it must have been conditioned by your genes. But don’t despair! It doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. You can reduce pores on face with special methods and technologies.

Ways to get rid of enlarged pores

Believe it or not, but despite doctors’ claims that pore enlargement cannot be cured, people have found methods and technologies that considerably improve the appearance of pores and can diminish them almost totally.

If you have resolved to get rid of the problem once and forever, write down and memorize what is the best treatment for large pores.

Number one recommendation is to keep your pores unclogged. You need clean the skin properly, getting rid of dirt and oils in the pores. The following remedies can reduce size of pores:

  • Clay mask is a good and gentle way to get the oil and grease out of congested pores. It is quite easy to use: apply a thin layer on clean skin, leave for several minutes, and wash away. When you will see dots appearing through it, it means that the mask pulls the grease out.
  • Probably, you won’t believe it, but oil is the best thing to wash oil away and reduce pores on face! The point is that facial oil is dissolved better in oil than in water. If you have dry skin, choose a balm-like product that will moisturize skin.
  • Don’t squeeze blackheads out. You only damage the skin and create the risk of infection which may turn by blisters and other problems. Instead, apply cleansing strips that give instant gratification. Once-twice a week would be enough, because they may slightly damage the skin.
  • Remedies containing retinoid is a good moisturizer. Applied at nighttime, it keeps skin smooth and does not cause irritation and other side effects.
  • Another essential part of open pores treatment is glycolic acid. It promotes dead cell removal, giving skin a smoother appearance. Note that it is used the following way: after removing makeup, it should be applied on skin like mask and left for about 1-5 minutes. After that, it should be buffed away with a clean washcloth.
  • Don’t get too much sunbathing. Note that UV rays damage skin, thinning it and destroying collagen. Thus, pores get enlarged over the time. Use sunscreens with SPF at least 30 – they provide skin protection and smooth over pores.
  • Chemical peeling is a great alternative to usual ones. Combining a lot of natural active ingredients, they give all skin smoothing benefits and don’t make the skin go through reddening and irritation.

If you want to reduce size of pores at home, consider some easy methods. For instance, hot steam bath helps skin to get rid of extra grease and oils. And if you add some plant oils or herbs in hot water, it will moisturize and nourish the skin.

Another interesting procedure is exfoliation (getting rid of dead cells). Sound complicated, right? But don’t think that this procedure is available in beauty parlors only. The most available and the best way to minimize pores via exfoliation are baking soda masks. Mix three teaspoons of soda with one tablespoon of water, and apply it on clean damp face. Leave for several minutes, let it dry out, and wash away all the residues. Then apply some moisturizes. Repeat the procedure once a week, and your skin will stay clean.

Don’t forget about healthy eating: avoid fatty and sweet foods, snacks and soda. Try to drink about two liters of water a day to sustain normal hydration of skin and cell renewal processes. Exercising and enough activity helps body to get rid of fat faster, which ensures it won’t be stored under your skin and pores, as well. If you smoke, consider getting rid of this habit – it deteriorates the skin considerably.

Laser peeling procedures are among other alternative ways to shrink pores. Micro peeling performed with the help of special devices may give an instant effect, but the course is very expensive, and, of course, requires a lot of your time.

The most effective treatment of enlarged pores

So what is the best treatment for large pores? The answer is: it should combine high-quality, correctly chosen cosmetics and cleansers, healthy lifestyle and healthy eating.

The choice of right products is crucial. If you want to try a remedy that works quickly and efficiently, consider using Revitol pore minimizer. This is a natural, skin-friendly cream that gives long-lasting effect and is equally good for all skin types.

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