How to make your dick bigger

How to make your dick bigger

Some peculiarities of your body don’t let you fell absolutely self-confident? Of course, everybody is not absolutely perfect, but everybody is able to work for improvements.

Hundreds of guys are eager to know how to get a bigger dick, but they even don’t know that it can be reached without any special medications and spending tons of money on expensive procedures.

Start with natural remedies because they can give almost the same results as medication and surgery. Read further to know about effective tips and tricks to strengthen your dick. Just find some free time to try the following and you’ll be surprised by first results.

What is penis enhancement

An average erect penis length in norm is between 5.1 - 5.9 inches in length. As a rule, penis growth stops at the age from about 16 to 21. You can easily measure your penis on the topside to realize if you really have problems. Take into account that penis size is correlated with your body size.

Penis exercises are designed for enlargement of this vital male organ. Just like other exercises they aim training muscles to strengthen them and give more volume.

Do you know how to grow your dick? Perhaps not. So you need to understand that the main principle of penis organization is based of smooth muscles and other tissues. And the main rule of trainings is stretching and expanding the tissues manually or with devices designed for such purposes. Exercising helps generate new tissue cells in a natural way, without medications. Besides, strengthening the supporting skeletal muscles stimulates growing their mass.

Penis muscles are not easily trained but still they are malleable. It means that with the help of daily trainings you can really get a bigger dick. Penis exercises give the results beyond just enlargement. After a necessary period of trainings you will feel manlier and will have definitely more impressive abilities of love performance.

What causes penis enhancement

To get any results you will need to work our regularly, from 5 to 45 minutes a day during at least 3 month.

All ways to make your dick bigger are based on the idea of that our body is designed to adapt to change. First of all, the real state of pelvic floor muscles impacts greatly on the quality of your erections.

It’s known fact that pines is not the same kind of muscles as, for example, biceps, it’s made up of a big proportion of smooth muscles. About one half of the organ is smooth muscle tissue. They essentially differ from skeletal muscles but nevertheless greatly can contribute to the size and shape of penis.

Penis trainings give good general health benefits among which are better wellbeing and more stamina in the bedroom. The increased masculinity gives you self-respect and more confidence in private and even social life.

There are several theories on penis enhancement capabilities and the ways to influence them.

According to one of them, penile exercising makes erections stronger due to  creating more smooth muscle cells. Stretching is especially effective because it enlarge connective tissue layers (tunica).

The other known fact that the penis is longer than just it visible part. About half of it is hidden inside the body. This part is fixed by ligaments and can be released by stretching. If talking about surgery this ligaments are just cut to let the inner penis to come forward.

Types of penis exercises

You can choose only one basic exercise or take up advanced workout regimen. This decision is important because it determines how quickly you will achieve desired results. It’s advised to start with simple exercises and only then move to more complicated ones.

  1. jelqing exercises.
  2. expansion,
  3. pelvic floor exercises,
  4. stretching.

If you’re still having doubts about how to get a big dick, study the following facts about simple exercises and their possibilities. They really give results if you are ready to spend some of you time.

  • The basic exercise is called “jelq”. It helps bring nutrient-rich blood into the penis and also stretch it. It’s based on manual stretching the pines to stimulate elongating the tunica, ligaments and smooth muscle.
  • Expansion and contraction exercises work by pushing smooth muscle tissue cells outward on the tunica.
  • Pelvic floor muscle trainings are great for best erection angle. These exercises are the most powerful because they deal with skeletal muscles which are the easiest to train.
  • Stretching is the next stage to bigger dick.

Besides simple trainings there are also special equipment and male enhancement supplements. But pay attention that most doctors warn against using such equipment because it can injure you and even do harm to your health. Among the most popular remedies of this group are penis hangers and weights, extenders, pumps, clamps, jelq devices and others. They can be complementary dick enlargers for better results and are not mandatory.

What about supplements, it’s the simplest way to have what you want with minimum efforts. You can try famous and well-known “Extenze” which is a natural product and safe for health. There are no side effects and special requirements for its usage. Today it’s indeed top male enhancement which proved its effectiveness and is used by thousands of consumers.

Ways to make your dick bigger

The facts say that penis training is a slow and long process, but good news is that trainings require not so much time. Moreover, it’s not necessary to do exercises daily. Several times a week will be enough to get visible results in a few months.

It’s a great idea to consult your doctor and discuss the problem before beginning the course of treatment. Doctors can know of find the methods to solve your problem which is surely safe for your health. You can trust their advice about the best top male enhancement remedy to try. In some cases just a simple talking can help to realize whether you have a problem at all. In fact, a lot of men exaggerate the degree of their situation and don’t even need special treatment.

The next steps will help you get what you want without harm done to your health.

  • Proper dieting.
    Normalize your weight and watch it being all the time at the same level. Extra kilos are not appropriate if you’re working on getting a bigger dick. Eat manly food (more healthy protein), don’t visit fast-food restaurants, drink enough water, cut on sugar. It’ll help balance your inner state to enhance the topical treatment.  There are some products that help to achieve this aim: bananas, dark chocolate and others.
    Choose the right training guide or program for regular timing exercises which is suitable for you. Compare at first different ways to enlarge penis and choose the most appropriate for you. Remember that you shouldn’t skip exercising. To your penis training add some general health exercises as running, doing push-ups and others. You general strength also improves the state of the organ you’re working on.
    Indeed this method is an extreme measure. It can be recommended only by doctor in case of really serious problems which cannot be cured with the help of any other methods.
  • Natural supplements.
    Although their main aim is improving erections, they at the same time give an effect in growing the penis. They are suitable both for young adults and elder ones.

The best way to make your dick bigger

The first place among the best male enhancement remedies belongs to natural supplements. The most popular of them is a herbal blend “Extenze”. It perfectly increases the blood flow to the penis and works for its enlargement. It doesn’t contain chemicals and artificial ingredient. So the results are absolutely safe for you. The supplement boosts the realms of the penis, both in size and tenacity.

Natural supplements increase libido together with increasing the penis size. Also there are male enhancement pills with similar effect. But make sure that they are natural and safe.

Combine different methods and ways to get a bigger dick faster and be sure in results. Remember that a crucial point in any treatment is improving your general heath state. So try to give up your bad habits (smoking, drinking alcohol, eating fast-food, ect.) Eat healthy food and do exercises for your whole body. Such complex approach will definitely give you faster results that just topical trainings.

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