How to increase breast size

How to increase breast size

In men’s view, the most appealing parts of woman’s body are breasts. But not all women are born with perfect forms. And it’s the reason for low self-esteem and depressions. But the problem indeed is not so dramatic because there are methods to solve it.

If you feel that you belong to the other group (you have small breast), you’ll need to invest some efforts to become more attractive.

According to the statistics, every second girl is not satisfied with the breast size. Objectively not all of them really need to take measures. But a certain part of girls and woman indeed lack a bit of extra volume.

There’s an opinion that a mixture of papaya juice and milk daily helps to solve the problem. Is breast enlargement without surgery a real thing?

What is the main point you should know

Naturally breast growth is a process of adolescent age. And in most cases the chest volume you have got by 16 becomes a constant one for the lifetime. If your size doesn’t satisfy you, there is no shame to want to have bigger breasts.

Fortunately, there are several ways to enhance your breasts safely without side effects. Using right methods you ca make your shapes firmer and larger.

Of course, the most obvious decision is cosmetic surgery. But it’s not so safe as you can think. Besides, it’s very expensive and not everybody can afford it.

It’s reasonable to choose, first of all,natural breast augmentation. Of course, there are faster methods like surgery. But before making a decision about such severe measures you should think twice. Of course, it’s called cosmetic operation but it’sassociated with all the risks of other kinds of surgeries.

Don’t forget that some people have medical contraindications and you need to check this with your doctor. And yet surgery is not a reasonable decision. Even breast lift without implants is a dangerous thing because it’s made with anesthesia.

It’s true that having big boobs gives more chances to attract the opposite sex. So great interest to this question made the doctors and fitness instructors to work out the way to make boobs bigger using natural forces of the body.

This method helps to achieve the goal without pain if to compare to “going through the knife”. But you should be ready to that the results will be shown at least in half a year or even more. So be realistic and prepare to work hard.

What causes the slow growth of the breasts

The process of developing shape of breasts starts from teenage. The size of breasts varies from woman to woman. The body of a girl, and a women as well, is always changing. But still there are a lot of women whose breasts size is quite small. The situation is not unusual. It’s a result of hormones balance.

Causes of small size:

  • Hormonal imbalance;
  • Energy blockage;
  • Thyroid problems;
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals;
  • Emotional problems and stresses;
  • Poor fat content.

So if there are natural reasons of the problem, there are also nature breast growth remedies. Proper nutrition provides the body with optimal fat content which is necessary for forming breast tissues. You can try breast enlargement herbs: fenugreek, star anise, fennel, licorice and wild yam. There are organic remedies that safely enhance breasts size. Pay your attention to “Miracle Bust”. It’s a natural supplement that helps deal with the problem without surgery and is absolutelysafe.

Also breast massage can help. Do it with natural oils or special breast cream. It increases the size of tissues and stimulates work of muscles making the boobs grow faster.

Try several ways simultaneously to get better effect. Add a balanced diet and massage to daily physical exercises. Surely, non-surgical breast lift is less effective and so there are a lot of women who felt disappointed. But the reason perhaps is that they cannot stick to their plan for a long period of time. They want immediate results what is absolutely impossible. The main rule in natural therapy is patience.

Types of the women’s breasts

There are some specific kinds of women’s breasts. To understand better what is necessary to do to improve your shape you should know the next peculiarities.

  • The perfect breast shape
    The nipple is pointed outwards, there is no evidence of sagging.  Indeed, this type is very rare. Usually such a shape is a result of breast surgery.
  • Sagging breasts
    The nipple points downwards and the breasts sag down too. For young women the reasons of sagging breasts appear due to insufficient support during their development at puberty.
  • Small Breasts
    In this case the specific feature is little volume of fatty tissues in breasts. Usually nipples are smaller and there is little cleavage in-between the breasts.
  • Large Breasts
    They are characterized by a high volume of fatty tissues. The nipples can be bigger. Such breasts tend to sag with time.
  • Swooping Breasts
    The problem is they bend inwards above the areola.
  • Constricted or Tubular Breast
    They are cylindrical and visibly narrow like egg plants.  The nipples are extremely small. The two breasts are far apart because of the small base.
  • Pigeon or Pectus Carinatum
    The breasts of this shape lie almost flat on the chest.
  • Pectus Excavatum
    This is the opposite of the previous type shape. The chest sinks in and is referred as the sunken chest.

Some breast exercises will definitely help improve the shape and size of your breasts. Also try some medical devices. And of course, wear the right bra size. Buy a quality padded bra.It will add volume to your bust and your chest will look fuller and perkier.

Ways to get enhance your breasts naturally

If you want to know how to increase breast size naturally, pay attention to the following healthy tips. They will help you succeed safely and with no side effects.

The first way to enlarge your breasts is doing special exercises. A basic set of exercises will help to strengthen chest muscles. Here is one simple and effective combination of breast enlargement exercises that was tested by thousands of women and approved by professional doctors.

  • Do push-ups. This activity effectively strengthens the pectoral muscles. They lie right below the breasts. Do several sets of 7-10 push-ups every day (not more because it also can strain your arms too much).
  • Lift dumbbells.They should be heavy enough to have an impact. Simply raise them in the air.
  • Do the fly lifts. You should lie flat on your back, put your arms out at either side, holding weights in each one. Start moving your arms all the way outward.
  • Do the wall press. It’s a version of push-ups. Stay 2 feet from the wall, press palms against the wall with your arms straight. Do the movements the same as push-ups (only vertically).

The second point is to keep a diet.It’s recommended to eat more products that contain estrogen (beans, dairy products, spices, fruits, vegetables, grains). It’s a female hormone which alongside with other effects influences the growth of breasts size.

Also it’s advised to eat foods that contain phytoestrogen. For example, different kinds of nuts, a little wine, tea, berries and others. Try to avoid junk food, carbonated drinks, salty food. Stop drinking alcohol and coffee, get rid of a smoking habit.

The best treatment for breasts enlargement

If you are against surgery, you can try another effective remedy for bosom’s growth. Natural supplements are a modern way to solve the problem of small breasts. The used ingredients combine nutrients, hormones, vitamins and other healthy elements that provide woman’s body with necessary elements for optimal balance. The formulation of supplements is worked with the main task of enhancing natural growth of breasts.

For example, breast enlargement pills are the most convenient form of the supplements. You need to take the pills daily for about 4-6 months to feel the results. It doesn’t require any special efforts and helps to solve the problem quite quickly.

Natural supplements such as “Miracle Bust” are also of high effectiveness. You can expect quite essential breast increase after several courses of treatment. For better effect doctors advise to combine supplements with other methods of breast enlargement. Be persistent and don’t give up the treatment if even it’ll seem to you at first.

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