How to improve memory

How to improve memory

Quality of memory depends on the health and abilities of your brain. It’s possible to train your brain in order to improve its capability and expand mental activity.  It’s a scientific fact that you can boost power of your brain at any age.

Scientists proved that we don’t use even 5% of our brain potential and it’s not just possible but really absolutely necessary to enhance memory during a lifetime.

Our brain has unlimited abilities. Its unique characteristic is called “neuroplasticity” and means that brain can adapt and change even at old age. Do you know how to strengthen your memory? Indeed, it’s not so hard as it can seem at first. Read the following tips to find the best remedy for you.

What is brain improvement

At first scientific theories stated that brain function peaks during the period of early adulthood. It meant that after this time mental activity was supposed to go down.  The idea of brain improvement wasn’t even considered as having any reasonable basis. It was thought that with aging only lapses in memory and brain fog can happen. But it has nothing in common with the real facts about brain functioning which have been proven recently.

Today it’s known that our lifestyle contributes essentially to the degree of cognitive decline. Toxins, chemicals, stress, the wrong type of food, lack of sleep can worsen functioning of our brain.

Are there any effective ways to improve memory? Of course, there are a lot of possibilities for training your brain. Many of them are very simple and require minimum efforts.

To begin with, healthy lifestyle is the rule number one for those who want to stay in common memory even in their eighties and nineties. Physical activity and proper dieting can encourage your brain to grow new neurons at any age. And this fact gives us a lot of opportunities. Perhaps, it’s really the best way to improve memory.

Our memory center called hippocampus is capable to regenerate up to a person’s last days. Of course, provided that we give it everything it requires for quality functioning. And you don’t even need expensive medications to support your brain in norm. Just follow the healthy tips which were designed by medical workers and are surely known to be effective.

What causes memory loss

There is no such term in science as “bad memory”. If you don’t suffer from memory loss as a medical condition, you can improve brain power no matter how old you are.

Our brain has ability to reshape itself and it allows working in order to have much better memory. Brain, like muscles, needs training and requires significant loads. So there are different ways to increase memory.

A number of conditions can bring to gradual or sudden memory loss. Among the most common is, of course, aging. Usually with years people start to forget things and it’s quite normal. They can generally manage the situation and it doesn't disrupt their behavior and work. In this case natural memory improvement in possible and simple trainings can be effective.

But also people can suffer from some cognitive impairment. These state is more dangerous and requires professional intervention. If you're noticing memory problems, you’d better talk to your doctor.

In fact, memory loss is very problematic. It seriously impact professional life and hinder personal one.

Types of brain improvement

  • Cognitive Therapy
    Its main principle is that the way people perceive events influences their behaviors. Cognitive therapy is aimed at improving specific brain traits, such as flexibility, planning, disorders and memory.
  • Meditation
    It’s true that this activity gives evident attention and memory improvements. Styles of meditation differ (breathing practice, relaxation, mental imagery and others) but in any form the activity stimulates memory capacity and reduces stress as well.
  • Biofeedback
    This technique of memory enhancement has been used in medicine for decades in clinical conditions. Today it’s available in reasonably-priced applications which can be bought for individual usage. But still this method is not very popular.
  • Computer-based software
    This technique is based of computer-assisted strategies that deal with special cognitive exercises. But not many people can afford seeing a neuropsychologist.
  • Natural resources
    It’s an opportunity for everybody to improve their memory with minimum effort and money. It includes such components as food products and natural supplements.

Ways to increase memory

You will need to alternate different methods and exercises to have better memory.

  1. Giving your brain working-outs
    By adulthood you’ve got millions of neural pathways which allow you to solve tons of different problems and fulfil various tasks with little effort. But the fact is that usually you experience very similar situations and often think and do by your usual template. This routine deprives the brain of stimulation it needs to keep developing.
    Do crossword puzzles, read new types of books that you didn’t use to, learn foreign languages, be socially active. All these are great memory activities which allow your brain cope with new challenges. Try to learn something new all the time. It’s important that activity should be unfamiliar no matter how difficult it is.
  2. Socializing
    Social interaction is the best cure for stress and depression. And both these factors contribute to memory loss. So get together with your family members and friends as often as possible. Especially it’s important if you live along. Find time for your friends. The studies proved that socializing and having fun comes with great cognitive benefits. Feel positive emotions and laugh. It makes your brain light up and  increase memory power.
  3. Eat right
    The food plays extremely important role in developing or cutting your memory.  According to the research, foods containing antioxidants (broccoli, blueberries, spinach and others), and Omega-3 are perfect for improving brain activity.
    Among other beneficial products are green tea, curry, walnuts, crab, chickpeas, red meat, celery, cauliflower. Such kind of food encourages the production of brain cells. Try to avoid sugars, high-calorie foods and saturated fats. Eat more often in smaller amounts.
    You can also take natural supplements and vitamins for memory. Among good remedies of natural impact is “BrainPill” which is effective to cure lack of concentration. To be on the safe side before buying the supplement consult your doctor to know if you have any contraindications
  4. Exercise daily.
    Regular physical trainings stimulate nerve cells to multiply and protect them from damage. During exercising brain-derived neurotrophic proteins are released which are beneficial for cognitive purposes, including better and quicker learning and memory increase. Daily trainings improve blood flow to the brain. Strength training, core work, stretching, regular intermittent movement are the best activities.

The most effective way to improve memory skills

Today there is a great choice of memory supplements which are based on natural ingredients. They are safe and work just activating inner forces of our body. So it’s absolutely reasonable to add such a remedy to your set of exercises for memory improvement.

Together with proper dieting it’ll give better and faster results. Also don’t forget that it’s extremely important to sleep well and enough. Following all steps of your health program and combining different methods, you’ll have results in real time. It’ll help you improve brain function and intensify your memory to feel and act better.

“BrainPill” is a complex memory enhancement supplement based on natural ingredients. Besides positive changes in your memory it gives you more energy, enhances focusing, concentration and attentiveness. It also helps increase intelligence and usage of other brain potential abilities in greater degree.

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