How to get rid of wrinkles

How to get rid of wrinkles

Surprising thing is that our skin has a memory. It remembers every movement of muscles when you smile ofsquint. When you are young your skin is flexible as it has enough of collagen. So you can laugh and have no any folds on your skin surface afterword. But with age every single fine line that once appeared on your face stats gradually deepen and gain permanent state. So you start looking for wrinkle erasers.

Fortunately, today there are a lot of wrinkle fillers and neurotoxins designed to reduce wrinkles appearance.

What are wrinkles

The state of skin changes with aging. Wrinkles are slight folds or ridges in the skin. First wrinkles appear as a result of facial expressions. When we laugh,squint or frown, it leads to specific folds in skin which with time become constant. Besides, a lot of factors contribute to worsening skin look. Among them are sun damage, dehydration, smoking, taking medications and others. So firstly under-eye wrinkles show up our real age.

The point is most wrinkles are a result of aging. To find the way to fight with the problem it’s necessary to understand the nature of wrinkles forming. So you will be able to make adjustments in your skin care regimen. It’s impossible to stop time but science can help to take preventative measures to slow the inevitable process.

What causes wrinkles? The process of forming wrinkles goes in the dermis. It’s a second layer of our skin. Here main structural elements are contained (proteins which provide elasticity). With age the collagen production slows down, new cells are formed in fewer amounts, the dermis becomes thinner. Moreover, oil secreting is decreasing and skin lubrication is not enough for proper moisturizing. So it starts to look dull.

First of all that parts of body start suffering from wrinkles which are open to sun, wind and other harmful effects of the environment: face, backs of hands, neck, tops of forearms.

What causes wrinkles

There some groups of factors that play their role in the process of appearing and deepening of the wrinkles. The whole combination of reasons works here. Some of causes of wrinkles are under our control and some are not.

Main reasons

  • Facial expressions. Movements of skin muscles, which are constantly repeating, surely lead to fine lines. Every movement of a muscle contributes to forming grooves beneath skin surface. Through certain time they turn into permanent wrinkles because skin loses its flexibility and cannot spring back as before.
  • Exposure to ultraviolet light. It’s another reason why wrinkles appear.
    Thin natural factor speeds the process of aging. Due to it early premature wrinkles can appear even on young skin. UV light ruinsconnective tissue which lies in deeper layers of the skin – elastic fibers and collagen. It causes loss of strength of the skin which begins to sag.
  • The way this bad habit influence our skin is the next. Smoking brings changes inblood supply. So your skin gets less oxygen and nutrients that should naturally be delivered to it with normal blood flow. Giving up this habit can be a way to skin rejuvenation.
  • Lack of antioxidants in our diet.
  • With time skin loses its elasticity and becomes more fragile. It’s explained by decreased production of natural oils which dries the tissues. Deeper skin layers lose the necessary for normal functioning amount of fat. This brings the effect of saggy skin. The process is inevitable but yet there are some things you can do slow it.

How to avoid wrinkles? Are there any ways to get rid of them and look younger? Of course, there are certain tips to prolong the youth of your skin. Wrinkles can be prevented. And if they have appeared, you should know how to treat them to diminish their severity.

Types of the wrinkles

Specific studies have been carried in the field of cosmetology to determine what type of wrinkles are the most common. The results were published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science. As the survey showed there are 4 main types of this problem.

  1. Atrophic Crinkling Rhytids. These lines are parallel to each other on the face. They can appear on different facial areas. The most popular are forehead wrinkles. They tend to disappear if skin is stretched transversally. To reduce them you need to protect your skin from sun and use moisturizers.
  2. Permanent Elastic Creases. This lines are permanent. Mostly they appear on the cheeks, neck and upper lip. The only wrinkle prevention in this case is avoiding sun exposure and using sunscreen. Besides, smoking enhances the depth of these wrinkles. So it’s reasonable to give up the habit.
  3. Dynamic Expression Lines. They are provoked by facial movements. It’s hard to avoid emotions so it’s impossible to stop the process of this type. To reduce it you can try facial massage or anti-wrinkle injections.
  4. Gravitational Folds. These lines appear due to gravity and become obvious when skin sag under its own thickness. The fact is that lean faces suffer more from this than plumper ones. The most effective remedy for such features is cosmetic surgery. But as it’s very expensive and dangerous, you’ better pay attention to milder ways of treatment as effective creams.

Speaking about facial wrinkles you should know that some other types are distinguished. It’ll help you to know how to get rid of wrinkles.

  • “Frown Lines”. They are formed between the brows and become permanent after many years of frowning.
  • “Crow’s Feet” or “smile lines”. The main feature of these wrinkles is their depth. They are formed at the corners of the eyes as a result of squinting and laughing.
  • “Bunny Lines”. This type is shown at the bridge of the nose in case of constant scrunching it. Lines make people look clearly older that they are indeed.
  • “Accordion Lines”. They are placed around the mouth and lower half of the face. The main reason of their showing up is smiling and laughing.
  • “Expression Wrinkles”. They are not typical to any specific facial part and vary individually depending on a person’ character and temperament.

Ways to get rid of wrinkles

Modern cosmetology offers a lot of ways of wrinkles cure. The most wide-spread is using neurotoxins (Botox, for instance). The medication is injected into the muscles and relaxes them thatleads to stretching out the skin. It helps to form smoother and younger skin texture. But you should remember that these remedies are not permanent. The average effect last for about 3-4 months. Then you need to repeat the procedure. There are contraindications for pregnant, breastfeeding women and people who suffer from neurodegenerative or autoimmune disease.

Another option how to get rid of wrinkles is using fillers. These cosmetic remedies restore volume loss and fill in the hollows. They are collagen stimulators which are injected into the dermis. Fillers replace lost collagen and help to hold hyaluronic acid which restores moisture balance of skin.

Laser skin rejuvenation is a procedure of removing upper layers of skin. It gives an opportunity to new skin cells to start forming more intensively. That’s why skin becomes tighter and looks younger.

Also to care about skin you can use best anti-aging products of high quality. Creams and elixirs are the gentlest remedies. They don’t damage skin as laserrejuvenation procedures of surgery. And, of course, this type of treatment is the most convenient. You can use cream at home as a part of daily care about your skin alongside with washing and moisturizing. It’s less expensive than medical procedures.

But what is the best treatment for wrinkles? Every woman decides for herself what to choose.

The Most effective treatment of wrinkles

One of the best remedies for reducing the number and depth of wrinkles is a good anti-aging cream. It reverses the body’s natural effects of aging and replenishes skin’s production of collagen and oils. These factors lead to deep moisturizing and better renovation of skin cells.

Creams diminish the number of wrinkles, rejuvenate skin cells and effectively trap moisture for perfect hydration. Try to use natural remedies for wrinkles to be sure you won’t suffer from side effect.

For example, the cream of well-known manufacturer – MySkinMD. The product is called TruVisage. Today it’s considered one of the most effective best wrinkle creams of the similar remedies. The clinical studies show that about 95% of women felt the reduction of wrinkles after a term of treatment.

The cream is applied in the morning and before going to bed. After one month of application you will feel real facial rejuvenation.

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