How to get rid of man boobs

How to get rid of man boobs

The issue of man boobs is quite wide-spread among all the age groups. From esthetic point of view it looks unpleasant. Besides, it causes psychological discomfort. Man’s body loses its natural shape and becomes unattractive in women’s eyes. So the question of how to lose man breast is very urgent.

As a result of this problem a lot of guys suffer from self-doubt, anxiety and even depressions. They feel constant necessity to hide their chest and so tent to hide themselves from society. They avoid many events which involve undressing and showing their body. Swimming, sauna and similar stuff become literally forbidden. But it’s not a solution to the problem. It’ impossible to avoid life. So chose better idea and start working to return your physical attractiveness.

How to get rid of man boobs fast?  To understand how to cope with the situation it’s necessary to learn the reasons. It’ll help to turn the boobs into hard muscle. Because, you know, puffy chest is not a masculine trait.

What are “man boobs”

The term “gynaecomastia” is medical. In common this phenomenon is called “man boobs”. According to the official statistics published by Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine, this problem affects about 50% of men. The phenomenon is also called “moobs” as a short form for this specific shape of male breast.

It’s necessary to distinguish that gynaecomastia is a result of glandular tissue. But there’s one more type of man boobs which is called “regular man boobs”. The second type is easier to cure because it’s a result of fat. You can remove man boobs of this kind in 6-12 months.

What concerns gynaecomastia, it’s developed in the lower part of the chest and consist of glandular tissue. The gland starts to “push” out the nipples and it makes the chest puffy. This problem can come in different degrees: from minor (slightly noticeable) to very severe (clearly visible even under clothes).

The visual effect is most when you wear tight clothes. You should realize the it’s possible to lose man boobs, but it’s not a fast process. If you’re going to solve the problem without surgery and heave medication, you should be patient. First of all, you’ll need to bring your hormone system in norm.

Gynecomastia symptomsshow that you have medical issues. They are not really serious and can be cured. But you should pay attention to them and consult the doctor. It some cases the problem can go away by itself, but not always.

What causes the problem

One of the factors that cause the growth of man’s boobs is extra weight. So gynecomastia treatment is based on the right diet. The other reason is hormonal imbalance. Both women and men chest is developed under oestrogen influence.

Normally women have higher levels of this hormone and men should have more androgen hormones (testosterone is the most important). In case of hormonal imbalance it can lead to the enlargement of breast tissue. That’s why high level of testosterone is crucial for getting rid of puffy nipples.

Among causes of gynecomastia is the habit of drinking alcohol. Everybody knows that it’s packed with calories. The research showed that alcohol intake produces a suppression of plasma testosterone. So here a good advice is to cut back on booze.

But in most cases the excess fat stored is the chest is a result of overweight. BJ Gaddour,a Men’s Health fitness advisor, says that the solution to the problem of such kind is cardio trainings combined with strength exercises. This complex helps to ignite metabolism processes in the body. You’ll burn fat and improve the shape of the body at the same time.

So, main reasons for “moobs”:

  1. High Body Fat Percentage;
  2. Gynecomastia;
  3. Both.

Types of man boobs

If you want to know how to get rid of gynecomastia, you should study the issue a bit deeper. There are two variantsof man boobs possible. And both of them show that you have health problems and measures should be taken.

  • “Regular” man boobs;
  • Gynecomastia.

The first type is typical to overweight men (about 20 pounds and more). The man boobs in this case are the result of fat tissue. The second type is typical for lean people. They don’t have extra weight but nevertheless suffer from boobs growth. They consist of glandular tissue and not fat. So it’s not cured with the help of diet and cannot be fixed with simple exercises.

To realize how to reduce man boobs determine what type of problem you have. You can consult your doctor to be sure. If it’s “regular” type, you’ll need to burn extra body fat. And if it’s gynecomastia, it’ll be necessary to balance your hormones.

It’s a common mistake that only obesity can be the reason of man boobs. Of course man with 22% of extra body weight are almost always have fatty chests. Indeed, quite thin man can experience the same problem. The matter is that there are different reasons for this.

Ways to get rid of man boobs

Some men consider surgery as the only way to solve their problem. But going through the knife will help just  get rid of the boobs for certain time. For sure the problem will come back in some years or even faster. You’ll spend a huge amount of money and live through a long period of recovery and will not have any guarantees that the problem will be solved.

It’s better to learn how to lose man boobs naturally.

  • “Regular” man boobs
    At fists consult your endocrinologist and tell him that you have gynecomastia symptoms and low testosterone. Ask a doctor to do full hormonal panel.Treat your hormones naturally. You have to balance your weight and lose all extra kilos. It’s important. Moreover, keep a healthy diet and don’t eat products full of estrogen (soya, beans).
  • Gynecomastia
    Gynecomastia treatmentcan be very effective without surgery. Your food has to be “manly”, don’t starve and nibble on rabbit food. Eat food full of healthy fats (red meat, eggs, peanut butter). They are responsible for testosterone production. Don’t be afraid of eating fats because it will not lead you to gaining weight. You put on weight eating calories and not fat. Strengthen your body doing exercises for every group of muscles.

Minimum man boobs workout set:

  1. Plyometric Press Ups;
  2. Bench Press;
  3. Dumbbell Flies;
  4. Close Grip Press Ups.

While doing exercises watch your hands are wide apart. It helps to engage all the muscles of the chest. Remember that several sets of exercises are more effective than a very long training. Interval trainings are more gentle to the body and useful for problematic zones.

Alongside with exercising start taking natural supplements to enhance the process. It’s recommended to start with “Gynexin” which is safe and give good results within short period of time. In 3 months measure your hormones again to know if there any difference.

The best treatment

So “moobs” are very upsetting and embarrassing. That’s why everybody wants to get rid of them in no time. But gynecomastia removal is a matter of time.

There is no one best remedy here. You canlose chest fat combining medical cure with healthy diet and exercising. And not only.

It’s also helpful to fix your posture. The reality of our days is spending too much time in front of the computer. You have no chance to tighten your chest muscles during the working day. So while walking watch your shoulders back instead of letting them slouch. Try to move more, walk, jog, run, go to the swimming pool and take up playing any sport game (basketball, volleyball, etc.) These activities help lose man boobs naturally.

Besides diets and exercising it’s possible to fasten the process of coping with the problem. You can take natural supplements. Choose secure and checked ones to be safe. The cost of natural products are not as scary as surgery and they proved to be effective. But you should understand that they work individually. The degree they work depends on your state of health and individual features of the body. But in general they help in reducing man boobs.

What is good about supplements they are easy and convenient to take. The formula is designed especially for men with this type of problem. The remedies work targeting fat cells of the mammary glands.“Gynexin” is highly effective and has no side effects so it’s really worth trying.

Usually all natural supplements include such ingredients that are effective in burning fat (caffeine, plants extracts) and stimulating energy balance. Regular intake of the supplements accelerates the process of treatment.

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