How to get rid of hives

How to get rid of hives

Skin hives, also called urticaria,  can show up at any area of our body – from face, lips, tongue or ears to arms and bellky. They differ in size and can be united in large sports called plaques. In a certain time (from some hours to a day period) they usually fade without treatment. But not always.

About 1/6 of people face the problem of hives rash at some time of their life. More affected to the problem are children and women. But luckily, despite of how annoying and persistent the problem might be, it has finally received an answer. Today there are a lot of ways how to treat hives which help get rid of unpleasant symptoms very quickly.

What are hives

There are a lot of other terms for hives; among the most used are “urticarial”, “wheals”, or “nettle rash”.

It is an outbreak of swollen, pale red bumps which appear on the skin suddenly as a visible reaction to certain types of allergens. In some cases, and quite often, it appearsjust for unknown reasons. The body natural answer toallergic reaction is releasing histamine (a protein). Then our capillaries leak fluid which accumulates in the skin and causes a rash.

Hives in children can present in two main ways: on a localized part of the body or everywhere, over thewhole body. In the first case they can be caused by children contact with plants, food, pollen, or pet fur. If hives are spread over the body, it could be a reaction to an infection or an allergic reaction to a drug, food, or insect’s bites. In any case you’d better see your pediatrician to be on the safe side.

Hives usually lead to itching, and also may burn or sting. Only specialist can decide competently what hives treatment will be appropriate.

Some facts about hives

  1. Hives are very common among people of all ages.
  2. Often their reason is just elusive.
  3. They flare up out of the blue (very suddenly).
  4. They disappear in lasts within6 to 12 hours.
  5. Hives can enlarge or reduce their size and move to different places disappearing in one area and reappearing in another.
  6. Sometimes they are caused by environmental phenomena like heat, cold or sunlight.
  7. Usually the condition goes away on its own, and requires only symptoms treating.
  8. Antihistamines are widely used for treating hives.
  9. The problem doesn’t belong to long-term or serious complications.

The good news is that hives are not contagious and you needn’t be afraid to pass it to somebody else.

What causes hives

According to the statistics, in about half of the known cases thecause of hives is not found.

Among the most common reasons of the problem are the following:

  • Certain food products.
  • Sunlight.
  • Drugs–for example, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, used to treat pain, and remediesagainst high blood pressure.
  • Insect bites and stings.
  • Extremes of temperatures.
  • Direct contacts with an irritant (among most common are nettles, chemicals and latex).
  • Water on the skin.

In most cases it’s uncertain what causes hives in adults. If you’re concerned about your state, home cure doesn’t help or the hives seem too severe, you’d better consult your doctor.

The symptoms of the hives are raised itchy bumps pale red in color or “blanching” (if being pressed, the center of a hive turns whiter).

Types of the problem

It’s distinguished two main types of hives depending on their severity.

  1. Acute hives
    In this case symptoms always last less than 6 weeks. This type is the most wide-spread. 25% of people who have this sickness also have angioedema - swelling beneath skin.
  2. Chronic hives
    Often these are hives on face and other open parts of the body that are clearly visible. Symptoms continue for more than six weeks. Dermatologists say that only 1 per 1,000 people suffers from such a type of hives. Most specialists agree that this state is linked with immune system. Sometimes it may be related to autoimmune disorders. Almost half of people with chronic hives also have angioedema.

Angioedema has a lot in common withurticarial. Itappears deep inside the skin. Usually it occurs on the face and neck, fingers, and in the genitals of males.

Of course, everybody wants to get rid of hives fast, but the speed of coping with the problem depends of its type.  All types of hives are very disturbing. These skin conditions are very disruptive to a night’s sleep, and make people scratching. To relieve the symptoms use proved quality products such as for example “OxyHives”.

In theory, itchy hivescan cause a dangerous swelling in a person’s airways, making it hard to breathe. Indeed it’s a medical emergency. Luckily, in practice such cases are very rare but you should be aware of them.

Ways to get rid of hives

If you know possible hives triggers, avoiding contacts with them can be first hives remedy for you. Try to remote all potential triggers from your everyday diet. It’s helpful to keep food diary and put down any changes in your menu to be able to track the reasons if you have hives. It will also make easier for your doctor to help you in case you have serious troubles or need emergency care.

You should know that some products are potentially dangerous for sensitive people. For example, foods with vasoactive amines: fish, shellfish, tomatoes, strawberries, pineapple, chocolate. Our body relieves histamines as a reaction to these chemicals. And they can easily become a reason for  allergic reaction hives.

Also potentially unsafe are foods with salicylates: orange juice, raspberries, spices, and tea. And there are some more products you should use with caution: peanuts, eggs, tree nuts, cheese, milk, alcohol.

If the reason is unknown, consult your doctor (an allergist) to try to look for the allergens. A good doctor can prescribe proper medication for hives relief and preventing them for the future.

You can also be allergic to something in your environment. One of the most common triggers of this group is domestic dust. So try to do wet cleaning more often than you’ve been used to. Pollen is also an active trigger of hives. You’d better avoid going outside during high pollen time and keep the windows closed. Latex is among insecure substances.

But if you nonetheless got hives discuss your medication with a doctor. What can you do at home without specialists? Home urticaria treatment can include the next procedures. Soothe the irritated skin with cool compresses. It’ll help to minimize the itching and you’ll have less desire to scratch. You can apply ice on the hurt area (for about 10 minutes). To calm hives on skin you can take a cool (but not uncomfortable) bath with natural, anti-itch remedy (baking soda, uncooked oatmeal, colloidal oatmeal).

Don’t wear tights clothes, find something loose and comfy. The thing is that hives can be caused by skin irritation which appear after the contact with fabrics. Avoid wearing wool and otherscratchy fabrics.

Remember that stress enhances the problem so try to stay calm even in difficult situations. Meditation is very helpful to fight stress. Practice deep breathing, visualize calm pleasant images, do exercises.

The most effective treatment of hives

The most unpleasant thing about hives is that they can appear at any moment absolutely unexpectedly. They look weird and can even scare people away from your surroundings. Not everybody knows that they are not contagious so they may worry.

It’s really unpleasant to be the object of rejection and sometimes can be humiliating. The problem really affects a person’s self-esteem. That’s why it’s important that there are remedies that can suppress hives symptoms rapidly. Try the product which showed great results curing hives and was approved medically - “OxyHives spray”.

The safest method is using natural treatment with the help of herb supplements. They don’t have side effects and are an effective cure for hives. Natural remedies help ease itching and burning; comfort swelling and pain.

Containing natural ingredients, they don’t cause habit-forming.

Most remedies of this class work in a similar way. Their aim is to relieve the hives symptoms. Very often the condition goes away by itself. But using special remedies you’ll get rid of hives faster.

Choose the supplements which have been tested clinically and proved their effectiveness. Such information is always available on the official web-side of a manufacturer. Quality homeopathic solutions are really good helpers when they are at hand.

Using hives remedy, always follow the application directions and recommended dosage as indicated on its packaging.

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