How to cure insomnia

How to cure insomnia

People, who know what is staying awaken during the whole night, crave for some aid. And it’s right because to ignore the signals of your body is dangerous for health.

Insomnia is a trouble sleeping state connected with difficulties of getting asleep. Then during the daytime you feel moody, angry, grouchy and tired. Besides, you are fatigued. This disrupts the normal routine of life.

Fortunately, today there are a lot of ways and remedies which effectively help to fight insomnia. Among them are medications, natural supplements and healthy changes of lifestyle.

What is insomnia

Normal slumber is characterized by ability of a person to fall asleep quickly. In general the process takes about 3-15 minutes. The normal sleep involves all the next stages.

The first is the lightest stage (about 10% of the whole time of resting). The second (takes the most part of sleeping) is when you lose awareness of external stimuli and have good sleep. The third stage is called “slow-wave sleep” and is the most restorative. And the fourth stage of rapid eye movement is the most active for brain and body functions.

A lot of people don’t go through all these natural stages because they are dealing with insomnia.There’s an opinion that spending more time in bed gives you more chances to fall asleep quicker and sleep longer. It’s absolutely not true. Indeed, it only sabotages your resting habits and makes you have bad associations with your bed.

Main insomnia symptoms are the following:

  • problems with trying to get asleep;
  • often awakenings during the rest time;
  • feeling not really rested in the morning;
  • suffering from daytime sleepiness;
  • moody and anxious state;
  • troubles with focusing on tasks;
  • distress in the stomach;
  • weak memory;
  • headaches.

In you notice these symptoms during three or more nights a week for over a month, it’s time to consult your doctor. Chronic insomnia can lead to serious health disorders. That’s why you should start to treat the problem as soon as possible.

Start treatment without sleep remedies at first. Restrict your time in bed. It’s more important than you think. This method helps make treating the problem much more effective. Lying awake in bed only increases annoyance.

Before going to bed take a bath, read a book or listen to soft music for better relaxation.

What causes insomnia

There are quite a lot of reasons that can cause sleep problems. Some of them are obvious and some are hidden.

Medical insomnia causes:

  • chronic pains;
  • chronic worries and anxiety;
  • emotional problems;
  • traumatic experiences;
  • stress;
  • depression;
  • medical conditions (asthma, cancer and other disorders).

The most common type of insomnia is learned or also called conditioned one. It’s caused by a certain stressor. Personal or work problems lead to forming arousal before going to bed and it interferes with possibility to relax.

So you have to observe your sleep to avoid negative factors which can possibly ruin your night rest. Consider what time you go to bed, how much it takes to fall asleep, how often you wake up during the night, what time you get up and what the average duration of your sleep is. Insomnia treatment is fully built on these facts.

What really matters is the factors that negatively influence your sleep. It could be worrisome thoughts, depressions or smoking, drinking habits or addiction. Spicy food, coffee in the evening also can worsen the situation. So watch your sleeping habits to know what influences them negatively.

Depending on the causes of the problem you can choose the way of sleep therapy. In all cases great role plays being physically active. Today a lot of people lead sedentary way of life. So it would be great for them to increase the activity level.

Types of sleeplessness

You’ll be surprised but there are a lot of ways to get rid of insomnia that you are absolutely unaware. In fact there are some tricks that really work though not many people, including physicians, know about them.

Basically there are two types of trouble sleeping:

  1. Sleep onset insomnia;
  2. Sleep maintenance insomnia.

The first type is connected with difficulties on the stage of trying of falling asleep. The second one is characterized by problems staying asleep during the whole night.

Insomnia medication is not the best way to cope with it. Because strong pill give just temporary positive effect for sleep and have many side effects for the whole body.

So, there are special strategies to cure insomnia and sleep better. First of all, you need to optimize your sleeping habits. Limit daily alcohol and caffeine intake, start doing physical exercises as a part of your daily routine. Air your room and darken it before going to bed. Learn some relaxation techniques.

And remember that studies showed that you really have control over your sleep. Make your sleep your priority and your body will start working for you to overcome difficulties.

Ways to get rid of insomnia

Do you know how to treat insomnia to achieve best results?The best way to cope with the problem is cognitive-behavioral therapy.

To normalize your sleeping habits it’s necessary to change you behavior and lifestyle to a certain degree. It helps to improve sleep quality without side effects, in a natural way. Changing lifestyle can become a real cure for insomnia.

What is the most important the improvement you achievement in such a way will last for a very long time. It’s explained by the natural laws of our body to work cyclically. So when you reach a certain stage of development the body begins to remember. Such body memory is very long-lasting. That’s why it’s important first of all work over you behavior.

According to numerous researches,such insomnia therapyis much more effective than any other known methods. Even more powerful then medication. Prescribed pills cause dependency and change sleep architecture.

Do relaxation exercises before going to bed.The best training is breathing exercises. Yoga in general is an excellent assistant inthe fight against insomnia. You can start takin natural supplement to double the effectiveness of your treatment. “Alteril” is one of the best remedies for curing insomnia in a natural way. It gives quick results and don’t cause addictiveness.

Specialists name a lot of natural insomnia solutions. Organize the right environment for healthy sleeping. It should be quiet in the room and you need a comfortable bed. It’s important you have the right bedding. If your matrass is very tough, it makes the process of falling asleep more difficult. So the matrass must be spongy and soft,pillows should provide adequate support to your head. Turn off the light completely in the whole room. Darkness helps to reduce in alertness and relax better.

Don’t watch TV, don’t argue, don’t eat just before going to sleep. There’s a tiny exception here though. You can eat a little of chocolate cookies with warm milk. Together they act as a sedative. Also a great variant is warm milk with a spoonful of honey witch has a sedative effect too.

These are also really good natural sleep aids. Some more products will help to balance your body rhythms: cottage cheese, turkey, tuna, soybeans.  And also it’s recommended to combine all these with natural supplements.

The second point is taking medication. But it’s the extreme measure. Try to avoid taking medications because they don’t really help. Of course they help to cure different causes of illness such as stress. But for this purpose it’s more reasonable to try yoga and meditation.

The best treatment

The most effective way to treat insomnia is combining behavioral therapy with taking natural supplements. Natural sleeping pills are safer and by the way cheaper.

Supplements which contain melatonin are extremely helpful. This hormone maintains the natural biological clock of our body. You can resort to herbal help. For example, in could be decaffeinated or valerian tea.

Sleeping pills is the form of dietary products arequite acceptable asnatural sleep remedies. Unlike medications they don’t cause adaptation. They just work to prolong deep stage of slumber. So you feel more rested during the daytime and don’t need any naps which only worsen the quality of normal night rest. Begin with “Melatrol” – proven and reliable natural remedy for all types of insomnia.

And don’t forget about being active. Energize yourself with long walks, doing sports, breathing fresh air in the countryside every time you have such possibility.

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