Collagen Supplements – A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Collagen Supplements.

Collagen supplements available in the form of gummies, powder, and capsules are the new talk of the town among beauty enthusiasts, skincare fanatics, nutritionists, dieticians, dermatologists, and media websites. These incredible supplements are known to help with everything from wrinkled skin and sagging to sore joints.

But, are they really safe for your body? What are their benefits? As there are so many options available on the market, how do you choose the best collagen supplements for your unique needs?

We are here to answer all of your questions regarding collagen supplements. Consider this your ultimate buying guide.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a protein and it is found in your body’s connective tissues. It can support skin elasticity, improve your skin tone and keep your skin firm and supple. Collagen plays an important role in maintaining your overall health – from promoting bone health, joint health, and gut health to supporting skin health, collagen is a must-have when it comes to beauty and wellness.

If you’re wondering what is collagen good for, this protein is like glue that helps in holding your entire body together. In short, it is a crucial part of your body.

Even though collagen protein is abundantly available in the body, the body’s natural production starts to decline in the late 20s and early 30s. As your body produces less collagen, you can notice wrinkles and fine lines in your skin. Brittle hair and nails, joint pain, more pronounced cellulite, and digestion issues are some other noticeable issues.

Different Types

In your body, there are more than 28 types of collagen. But, we will focus on the collagen types that are used in supplements.

  • Type 1 collagen – This collagen type is beneficial for your nails, skin, and hair, along with ligaments, bones, and organs. Type 1 collagen supplements are used for fighting the signs of aging as it counteracts the thinning or stretching out of the skin. The thickness of the skin also improves, as well as, the skin’s moisture content and appearance.
  • Type 2 collagen – This collagen type majorly adds to the gut lining. Type 2 collagen supplements create an obstruction between your bloodstream and the food that you eat. This enables the digestive system to function properly while keeping the immune system in check.
  • Type 3 collagen – This is the go-to collagen type when it comes to maintaining your cardiovascular health. This type of collagen makes up the arterial walls and also contributes to other body parts like cartilages, bones, tendons, and skin. Bovine sources are used to make type 3 collagen supplements.
  • Type 5 and X collagen – Not very common, but type 5 and X collagen are also used in supplements. Type 5 collagen is used to make tissues and cell membranes in the female placentas. Type X collagen is required in the formation of bones.

Now you know what type of collagen should be present in your top rated collagen supplements. Ensure to purchase collagen supplements that suit your individual needs. If you are still unsure, you can go through our reviews.

What are the Different Forms of Collagen?

Collagen supplements come in different forms, such as:

  • Hydrolyzed collagen supplements – Also known as collagen peptides, the hydrolyzed collagen supplement can be easily absorbed by your body. The collagen proteins are broken down into smaller, absorbable forms by hydrolysis, which is an enzymatic process.
  • Capsules – They are a convenient form of collagen supplement because you don’t have to add them to your food or liquid. You can simply swallow it with a glass of water.
  • Collagen peptides – Also known as hydrolyzed collagen, this is an odorless, tasteless powdered form of collagen that you have to add to cold or hot liquids.
  • Gummies – You will also find collagen supplements in the form of gummies, but they are not highly recommended. Gummies are typically sugar-based and come with added fillers and ingredients.
Daily Collagen.


Even though research is still ongoing, here’s what we know about the collagen supplement benefits that range from improving joint health to reducing wrinkles and more. Take a look below.

  • Healthier skin and hair – One of the most obvious perks of taking collagen supplements is healthier skin. By taking the right type of collagen, you can expect younger-looking skin with improvements in skin elasticity and hydration. The appearance of the signs of aging like wrinkles, dry skin, and fine lines will reduce. Collagen also helps in hydrating your hair and helping it to grow thicker and faster. Go through our reviews to find the best collagen supplements for skin and hair.
  • Bone breakdown is inhibited – Bone mass deteriorates as there are decreasing levels of collagen in the body. By supplementing your body with collagen, you can improve bone health and prevent its breakdown.
  • Satiety and muscle gain – An important part of your diet is protein and it can keep you full for a long time. So, collagen can make you full and give you a feeling of satiety. It can also help with muscle gain and provide your body with the necessary amino acids needed for muscle growth and recovery after a strenuous workout session.
  • Say goodbye to joint pain – Lack of collagen is one of the main causes of osteoarthritis. By taking collagen supplements for joints, you’ll be creating collagen in your tissues that will result in reducing the pain and inflammation in your joints.
  • Gut lining – Inflammatory bowel disease might be the result of reduced collagen in the lining of your intestines. Since collagen is thirty percent glycine, it helps to repair leaky-gut conditions. By supplementing collagen, you can restore the lining of your intestines and stomach, and enhance the absorption of nutrients.

Is Consuming Collagen Supplements Safe?

At present, there are not many known risks associated with taking collagen supplements. However, some of the collagen supplement side effects that you might be experiencing are allergies because some of the supplements are made from shellfish, fish, and eggs, which are common food allergens. Some people have also complained of heartburn and feelings of fullness. Other than this, collagen supplements appear to be quite safe for most people.

How Much Should You Consume?

The dosage of collagen supplements ranges from 40mg to 15g. But, as with any supplement, you must consult your doctor before taking collagen supplements. Also, remember that more is not always better. So, stick to the dosage that has been recommended for you. Take a look at our reviews to get an in-depth idea.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Collagen Supplements

  • The source of collagen – The source from which the collagen supplement is made is crucial as the supplements can be made from marines or animals. If you are allergic to fish, you need to stay away from marine collagen.
  • The right type of collagen for your specific needs – Collagen is good for your nails, hair, and skin. It is also good for joints and bones. You need to decide if you want regular collagen targeting one aspect of your body or a multi collagen supplement that will target different functions in your body.
  • Smell and taste – Collagen powders or gummies don’t have any fishy taste or smell. It doesn’t even smell or taste the animal ingredient that it is made from. As for the taste, you can find flavored collagen supplements.
  • Know the ingredients – Make sure to go through the packaging label because collagen supplements come with various formulations. The vitamins and ingredients increase the absorption of collagen by your body. For instance, a collagen supplement with vitamin C and Biotin will do wonders for your skin.
Liquid Collagen.

How to Take Collagen Supplement?

As we’ve already mentioned, collagen supplements come in various forms. You can choose to have powdered collagen supplements or capsules. Since your body isn’t picky about how collagen is received, adding it to your daily routine is a matter of personal preference.

However, a lot of people like to take collagen powder because of its versatility. You can add the powder to your smoothie, morning coffee, or any other drink that you wish. It can be added to any cold or hot beverage. It can even be added to your soup, omelet, or even baked items.

People also prefer capsules because of their convenience. The pills can be swallowed easily. For more ideas, browse through our reviews regarding collagen supplements.

If you’re thinking of taking collagen supplements, the best time is to start during your twenties. However, it can be taken any time when you feel that you are showing signs of aging.

Final Thoughts

Do collagen supplements work? Are they really effective? – If you’re haunted by these questions, the only way to get an answer is by trying it. Regarding the efficacy of collagen supplements, research is still ongoing, but the results so far have been promising.

Collagen supplements are needed by your body after a certain age since your body cannot produce them in abundance anymore. Also, if you are someone who doesn’t consume meat or dietary products regularly, you might not give your body enough collagen to carry out its functions. By using supplements, you can reduce the effects of aging and turn back time. It can add moisture to your skin, improve the elasticity of your skin and reduce wrinkles. Also, your bones and joints will get back their strength and flexibility. You can even reduce joint pain and prevent the deterioration of your bones.

So, get the perfect collagen supplement for your specific needs and stay healthy.

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