How to build muscle

How to build muscle

The term 'skinny guy' can be very offensive. Especially if you really feel that you have some problems with manly look. If you need to be stronger and look more attractive, you should know how to gain muscles in a healthy natural way.

There are several really working muscle gaining tips which help to gain necessary muscle mass and have manly-type figure. So make plans for some months and gain your patience to see great results.

What are muscles

Our body has about 650 muscles which form almost a half of our weight. Muscles play the role of the energy source for the body movement and vital activity. The responsibility of muscles is to change or maintain posture and locomotion of internal organs.

To realize how to get muscle you should know some important facts about this kind of tissue. All types of muscles are made of similar elastic tissue. They are commanded by nerves which make them contract. Each muscles is formed of tons of small musculus fibers. They are about 40 mm in length and consist of tiny strands of fibrils. The quantity of fibers determines how strong the muscles are.

Muscle growth is a natural process. Our muscular system is a complex network of soft tissues. They play several important roles in our well-being:

  • Our bones are attached to the muscles what helps up to control our movements according to our necessities.
  • Joint stabilization.
  • Maintenance of Posture. Skeletal muscles enable the body to remain in standing and sitting positions.
  • Heat generation. Heat produced by muscles maintains normal body temperature.

The main characteristic of muscles is their contractility. The cells are shortened and produce strong force when they contract. Excitability is another characteristic. Nerve signals cause electric impulses through the cell’s membrane, stimulating them to contract. Elasticity of muscles let them after contracting resume usual resting length. Extensibility let muscles stretch. All these peculiarities give us possibility to move and have control over body functions.

There is another side of the problem of lacking manly figure. Just like skinny people, obese ones also have difficulties with bringing their figure in shape. To lose fat and gain muscle it’s necessary to follow special program of events, exercises and dieting.

What causes growth of muscles

You should clearly realize that gaining muscle mass is hard work with slowly coming results. The idea of shaping your body is based on hypertrophy or hyperplasia.

Hypertrophy is a process of muscles growing in size. Hyperplasia is connected with quantity of muscle fibers. Fibers are able to split. After working out your body repairs what means it replaces damaged muscle parts and joint them to form new protein strands. And in this way it increases muscle mass. Indeed the process of the growth begins not just during trainings but after them when you have a rest. The point is at this time satellite cells start acting like stem cells.

There are three main mechanisms that make muscles grow. They involve the ability of muscle tissues to receive continually more stress. The subsequent disruption in homeostasis forms possibilities to spur on muscle growth.

The first mechanism of muscle building recipes is based on the principle of muscle tension. You need to lift progressively heavier weights to have necessary changes in chemistry that works as growing factor.

The second mechanism is called “muscle damage”. The local damage made to tissues during trainings causes a release of inflammatory molecules that activate satellite cells. The damage is present just in your muscles cells; you don’t feel any physical pain.

And, at last, the third mechanism is “metabolic stress”. In this case you feel the burn of exercising. The stress causes cell swelling around trained muscle. The glycogen swells the muscles along getting their appearance larger and it leads to building of muscle mass.

So, what is the best muscle builder? What method of solving the problem will suit you best? To make the right decision you should learn more about the way your muscles function.

Types of muscles

People have three types of muscles.

  • They cover our bones, move the external parts of the body and responsible for its shape. We can consciously control this type of muscle bringing them into the movement. They work due to contraction and move our eyes, head, arms, walking and talking, etc. There are two subtypes of this group. The first is “red or slow twitch muscles”. They can contract for a long time with almost no effort and use body fat as fuel. The second is “fast twitch muscles”. It requires a lot of force to contract them and they can move very quickly.
  • They control movements in the arteries and hollow organs. In contrast to skeletal, these muscles are activated automatically, without our control.
  • They exist only in the heart and control heartbeat. They work non-stop automatically. In structure they are similar to skeletal muscles. Their contraction makes the blood to squeeze out of the heart, and then be refilled up with blood again.

So, different types of muscles are developed in their own ways. And you can use these facts to know how to increase muscle mass in quite a short period of time. Using the knowledge on muscles building mechanism you will have great results.

Ways to build muscles

What is the best muscle builder? Most specialists in bodybuilding sphere agree that it’s resistance training. Our body is lazy and will not develop the shape with no efforts on our part. So hard work is required to succeed. You can have results if you make your body respond to a combination of resistance trainings.

Others consider that dieting is the most important factor. They also state that proper balance of activities and rest plays essential role in the process.

  1. Train under an hour. You don’t need longer sessions if you even have such a desire. Intensity is crucial in the process but not dragging on. It’s important for your hormonal state to follow this simple rule: work harder than longer.
  2. Change the rep range every 3-4 weeks. It’ll learn your body to the new stress causing you to gain weight in the form of muscle. It’s a good tactic decision that really gives results.
  3. Eat regularly. There is a certain type of muscle building foods. As skinny people have a very fast metabolism their body burns calories very quickly. So three usual meals a day are not enough for you. Start having 5-6 meals a day with interval of 2-3 hours between them. Big muscles require a lot of energetic materials for building them up. And these material is food. So provide your body all the time with something to metabolize.
  4. Find right mass gainers. The state we are discussing is connected with the inability of eating enough to provide all necessary energy sources for muscle development. So natural supplements can become excellent way to get required calories. For example, such bodybuilding supplement as “HyperGH 14x” is one of the best among the same class remedies which gives good results.
  5. Make a rule of caloric surplus. You should re-evaluate your diet and replace some of your usual products with more calorie dense foods.
  6. Relax and don’t think too much about your state as a problem. Regard your new training program as a way to improve yourself and not a torture.

The most effective way to gain muscles

The best way to gain weight fast is to combine strength exercising program with right diet and taking natural supplements for muscle growth.

Muscle building supplement designed to accelerate the body relief. They fasten the process of fat burning and activate muscle growth.  Try “HyperGH 14x” which has recommended itself on the market as a really powerful and effective remedy for body perfection.

Such natural remedies transform the body shape a bit faster than it could be expected without any additional supplements. But you should be ready to commit to the process of physical training because without proper working out it’ll be useless. Watch your diet, don’t skip the meals and have physical activity on your individual plan.

If you really want to get big fast, balance your hormonal level. Hormones regulate satellite cells activity. Be sure you testosterone level in not lower that it should be in norm.

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